Apr 26: Rhode Island – Delegate LIST!

VOTE: Tues, April 26th  If you are registered REPUBLICAN you may vote in RI Republican Primary. In addition, if you are registered as UNAFFILIATED you may be automatically registered Republican to vote in the Republican Primary in accordance with RI Laws.

Rhode Island is a PROPORTIONAL state with 19 delegates at stake.

Candidate Names on the ballot will be: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich & Marco Rubio (Sen Rubio has not withdrawn his name from the ballot although he has suspended his campaign – per Wikipedia).

Rhode Island selects delegates via DIRECT ELECTION.  ONLY VOTE for delegates that are on this list.  They are Trump delegates per the RI Secretary of State website. Let’s get these 16 direct elect delegates! Mr. Trump can ONLY do it with your VOTE.

It is very important to pick delegates who favor Mr. Trump.  This is why you need to take the list with you.  Don’t be fooled by fraudulent copies, etc.  Print and take the list with you to avoid any possibility of being deceived.

Understanding how the delegates are “pledged” can be tricky.  Below is a summary of the delegate assignment for Rhode Island.

3 RNC delegates. These are the National convention delegates: State’s National Committeeman [Steve Frias], National Committeewoman [Lee Ann Sennick], and State Chair [Brandon Bell]. Per the RNC site, this typically will vote for the winner but are not required to do so.

10 At-Large Delegates (AL).  These are awarded on a proportional basis for all candidates who achieve at least 10% of the total vote. All are awarded by DIRECT ELECTION of the Delegates (see names on list) on April 26th as elected by the votersDownload the Trump RI Delegate List and take to the POLLS.  They are ONLY BOUND through the first ballot or release by the Candidate.

6 Congressional District Delegates (CD). Vote for the Congressional Delegates below:

Trump Congressional District 1 Delegate – Edward J ONEILL
Trump Congressional District 2 Delegate – Joseph A TRILLO

They are ONLY BOUND through the first ballot or release by the Candidate.

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MON, 25 Apr 2016 | Full REPLAY – Donald Trump Rally – Warwick, RI

Links & Resources

Rhode Island Board of Elections [WEBSITE]
Rhode Island Republican Party [WEBSITE]
Rhode Island Delegate Plan [WEBSITE]


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