Apr 26: Maryland Republican DELEGATE List

VOTE: Tues, April 26th  (Polls open at 7 am EDT and close at 8 pm EDT) You must be

Maryland is a Winner-Take-ALL state with 38 delegates at stake.  YOU must vote for the Congressional District delegates & alternates.  The At-Large delegates are selected at the State convention.

Mr Trump needs your vote to affect how both the Congressional District delegates and At-Large delegates are bound. DOWNLOAD the Pro-Trump delegate/alternative list below and take with you to the polls.

Presidential Candidate Names on the Ballot include: Jeb Bush*, Ben Carson*, Chris Christie*, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina*, Mike Huckabee*, John R Kasich, Rand Paul*, Marco Rubio*, Rick Santorum*, Donald J Trump  (*Candidate has suspended their campaign. Many candidates announce publicly that they are no longer running for office. However, removing a candidate from the ballot requires a written notice by the candidate. Many Presidential candidates did not provide written notice by the deadline and therefore, will appear on Maryland’s ballot.)

Understanding how the delegates are “pledged” can be tricky.  Below is a summary of the delegate assignment for Maryland.

3 RNC delegates. These are the National convention delegates: State’s National Committeeman [Louis Pope], National Committeewoman [Nicolee Ambrose], and State Chair [Diana Waterman]. Per the RNC site, this typically will vote for the winner but are not required to do so.

11 At-Large Delegates (AL).  There will be 11 delegates & 11 alternate delegates elected at-large at the Maryland GOP 2016 Spring convention on May 14th. They are elected by the members of the Republican State Central Committee of Maryland. They are BOUND to the winner of the statewide Presidential contest in Maryland.

24 Congressional District Delegates (CD). In Maryland, there will be 3 delegates & 3 alternative delegates elected per Congressional District on the Primary Ballot (April 26th). They are BOUND to the winner of the Presidential contest in that Congressional District.

Missed a Maryland Donald Trump Rally?

SUN, 24 Apr 2016 | Live Stream: Donald Trump Rally Hagerstown, MD
WED, 20 Apr 2016 | Donald Trump Rally Ocean City, MD

Links & Resources

Maryland State Board of Elections, Voter Info [WEBSITE]
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