The TAXING Truth for America: TED vs TRUMP

Descending from a long line of farm owners and blue collar workers in Columbus, Indiana we are just tired of government. Tired of interference. Tired of all of the breaks going to large corporations who can afford lobbyists. Tired of the games people play in Washington DC and politics in general. I really want a President who is not the same-old-thing in a shiny-new-wrapper.

Politicians endorsing Politicians

I always wonder what the benefit is to the politician who gives another politician an endorsement. One really can’t take it too seriously as they all just want to keep spending our money on foolish things and never seem to actually get anything done for the people.

The truth is, whether you own a farm, a small business, or a home; you would like to have more money in your pocket at the end of the day and a legacy to leave your family.

Today’s look is at the tax plans of Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. The sound bites of both tax plans sound great! But what does it really mean for me & my family?

Senator Ted Cruz Flat Tax Plan

Under the Senator Ted Cruz flat tax plan, those in poverty, the working poor and those who rely on tax deductions to save their farms and grow their small businesses will see their TAXES INCREASE. The fact is that about 71% of ALL American Households will have their taxes increased. It has ZERO COMPASSION. The IRS cannot be abolished as promised; someone still has to collect those tax dollars and authorize non-profit status, etc. This is just another politician-as-usual pandering to us with no intent on actually doing what they promise.

In addition, the Death Tax will be continued which could force the sale of personal property, a farm or closure of a small business in order to satisfy this tax obligation. Look at what is about to happen to Prince’s estate if you want an example of what the death taxes can mean to your estate.

All-in-All, Senator Ted Cruz’s radical tax plan proves to be full of poll-tested sound bites and does NOT benefit the American people.

Donald Trump Common-Sense Tax Plan

Donald Trump’s common-sense tax plan has been independently analyzed showing that most American households will save money every single week. It is simple and fair resulting in more money in your pockets for investing in your small business, family farm, paying off debts or saving for a home. In addition, Mr. Trump has no interest in allowing the government to steal your family assets after death and plans to ELIMINATE the DEATH TAX.

I am also impressed with the thought Mr. Trump has given to get all of that Corporate money back to America to help with growing our economy and creating more good jobs for Americans.  It really sunk in for me when I heard of the likes of GE and other large corporations that pay ZERO taxes while our small businesses and farms seem like they are taxed at every turn.  Removing a lot of the tax loopholes for these companies would help us compete with them.

Mr. Trump has also said that the rich (and powerful) should pay more in taxes than the poor or middle class. This just makes sense to me.

It is up to you to decide which plan is best for your situation. Mr. Trump’s common-sense tax plan is the one I will be selecting at the ballot box.  I hope you join me too!


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