Apr 26: Connecticut DELEGATES & More

VOTE: Tues, April 26th  You must be REPUBLICAN to vote in the CT Rep Primary

Connecticut is a Winner-Take-MOST state with 28 delegates at stake.  To secure Mr. Trump the MAXIMUM number of Delegates is an overall 51% majority and the plurality (most) votes in every Congressional District.

Presidential Candidate Names on the ballot are: Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Donald Trump

Understanding how the delegates are “pledged” can be tricky.  Below is a summary of the delegate assignment for Connecticut.

3 RNC delegates. These are the National convention delegates: State’s National Committeeman [Honorable John H Frey], National Committeewoman [Patricia Longo], and State Chair [J R Romano]. Per the RNC site, this typically will vote for the winner but are not required to do so.

10 At-Large Delegates.  These are awarded proportionately for candidates who receive at least 20%. Should any candidate get more than 50%, they get them all. Candidates receiving less than 20% of the vote receive NO delegates. The delegates (and alternates) are ONLY BOUND on the first ballot.

15 Congressional District Delegates. The winner (by plurality vote) of each of the 5 congressional districts is awarded 3 delegates. The candidate receiving the requisite number of votes shall submit to the state party chairman, a SLATE of registered Republicans to serve as delegates & a slate of alternatives.

Election of the actual Delegates at the Connecticut State RNC Committee Meeting is May 20th per Wikipedia. [GOP.com says April 26th.]

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Links & Resources

Connecticut Secretary of State Voter Information [WEBSITE]
Connecticut Republican Party [WEBSITE]  [TWITTER]
Connecticut Republican State Central Committee Rules & Bylaws [PDF File]


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